About Waxing Moon
Waxing Moon Wood was so named in 2009 and inspired by the phase of the moon which starts with nothing and slowly grows in to the full moon which we enjoy once a month.... and once in a blue moon, twice a month....
I started woodworking in 1992 and have created an extensive portfolio, everything from china hutches and book cases to jewelry boxes and humidors.

Ed specializes in creating humidors, jewelry boxes and burial flag display cases.  I am also capable of creating fine furniture.

Waxing Moon Wood uses
Carlton McLendon's Rare Woods & Veneers, Atlanta, GA - Exclusively

I am honored to have been selected to build and present a flag case to the family of Captain Victor J. Saracini - Pilot of United Air Lines flight 175 which was involved in the day of infamy, 9/11.

On to bigger and brighter things.....as the Waxing Moon moniker implies.