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Captain Victor J. Saracini - UAL Flight 175 - 9/11/2001

In Memory of Captain Victor J. Saracini

Pilot - United Airlines Flight 175

August 29, 1950 ~ September 11, 2001 

I was reading an article that a reader had submitted to WOOD Magazine..... not too long after the events that occurred on 9/11.  This article talked about a "call to woodworkers across America" to provide a flag case for any family member of a victim of 9/11 that requested one.  I responded and particpated whole heartedly and was assigned to build a flag case for the family of Captain Victor J. Saracini - the Pilot of UAL Flight 175 which was the second plane to crash in to the World Trade Center on that terrible day.

I was overwhelmed with honor.  Living in New Jersey at the time, the Saracini family resided across the river in a small town of Yardley, PA.  I made a flag case for Mrs. Ellen Saracini, Daughters Brielle & Kristen, as well as Victor's Mother.  I hand delivered the flag cases to the Saracini family. 

This was probably one of the most emotional woodworking projects that I have ever, or will ever work on.